[picspam] Sehun + Pastel

[picspam] Sehun + Pastel

" Krystal doesn’t seem to have much interest in becoming an adult (laughs). Once, my members and Krystal watched an R-rated movie at our dorm. It wasn’t a really a weird movie either. It was ‘American Pie’. But Krystal went crazy, causing a fuss. I guess she thought she was doing something wrong. “    - Jessica

Yubi being a saint putting up w/ the 83 line
"Is there anyone out there, from our Blue Night family, that is crying alone tonight? Not crying out of pity for something or someone, but instead because they cannot help asking why they are living in the way that they are? Is there anyone that is feeling sentimental or guilty, needlessly? Don’t be like that. I hope that you believe that these bitter days of crying alone will prove to be the most beautiful days of your life. You’ll realize, with time, that your life is actually pretty alright. I promise you. In fact, I’ll write you a guarantee! The most beautiful thing in all the world is right now. This moment. You. Don’t ever forget that."
- Jonghyun’s closing words on ‘Blue Night’ on the 11th March, 2014.  (via hwaitinghwaiting)

22/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → myungstal: awkward myungstal babies at my lovely girl press conference

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can you acess soojung-a fansite? because i can't ugh and i never did I WANNA CRY &_& (and your hair looks a bit like soojung's hair kekekke)

I can access it but I don’t have any account there. I’ve long since given up on trying to join in fansites because I don’t understand anything haha OMG thanks? But people tell me I look more like Sica lol

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10/1000 pictures of Jung Soojung

10/1000 pictures of Jung Soojung


i hit my coworkers shoulder lightly and he was like “you’re going to make me cry like a girl” and i was like “what’s wrong with being a girl?” and he was quiet for a moment then he looked into the distance and whispered “the social standards they’re forced to live by”

polite…swag…dork normal amber ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Seeing New York (through my Giorgio Armani lenses), Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.

Yixing was about to say 'Byun-Xing' but his accent make it sound like 병신 (byung-shin) which from word to word, means 'a jerk' , 'an a**hole' or 'stupid'